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Portugal Film Production

Dedicated to Photo, Advertising, TV and Film

STAFFILMS PORTUGAL is film production network, is a service production company for commercial films, based in Lisbon.

STAFFILMS PORTUGAL  Services was created in 2003, and since that time, we have assisted in hundreds of productions ranging from TV commercials, photo shoots and promo videos to feature film productions.

We provide an efficient service with a highly-skilled team of professionals and technicians, many of whom are multi-lingual, who can meet the most demanding film production needs.

STAFFILMS PORTUGAL is a leading player in production services, creating amazing experiences for the international community; we offers full production services for commercials, stills , music videos and film production in Portugal, Madeira, Azores.

We understand your needs and we will find solutions to your challengers, big or small.


We provide various places and environments for your project


Advil Caps Les sculptures de sable



Jacobs Gold/ Golden Taste of Life

Cheraze - Viva la vida ft. Cris Cab, Keblack


Making Of BLEDINA - 2º Shoot day in Lisbon Portugal

Making Of BLEDINA - 1º Shoot day in Lisbon Portugal

Making Of BLEDINA - 3º Shooting day in Lisbon Portugal

Making Of Advil Caps


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